Friday, January 23, 2009

The cook who doesn't clean

Parking in two spaces at once.

Gum anywhere else other than the trash can.

Funny how the laziness of others never ceases to amaze you. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seeing & Believing

Seeing is not believing.
Believing is not seeing.
Belief is at best an educated, informed conjecture about reality.
In contrast, seeing is direct experience.
So really, they are opposites. 
Next time, you hear someone use the phrase seeing is believing, quietly inform them otherwise (and inwardly smirk at their naivete). 

Pointing to the moon

If you point out the moon to a cat, she probably won't look at the sky, she'll come up and sniff your finger, directing focus not on the pointing finger but on the action itself. 

Safe Fruit

Enormous apples in supermarkets are often wrapped in a foam cozy and placed in a small paper bag. This is a fine example of the attention to detail that characterizes much of our lives both visually and socially. In my early childhood I realized just how much thought lies behind appearances and actions, and that these nuances of detail are both expected and appreciated.